About Me

Ihave always been curious about music. The first songs I ever played, I learned when I was 10 years old from the pre-loaded demo songs on a toy keyboard my parents bought for me. My first ever internet searches resulted in locating the sheet music to Fur Elise and The Star Spangled Banner.

I began my performance career as a trumpet player, and attended the University of Texas at Arlington from 2003-2008, where I spent ten consecutive semesters as a member of the Jazz Orchestra, and is where I met my husband, Jonathan Woodrow. I developed an increasing interest for composing and arranging at UTA, and at 21 years old, I was hired as the Orchestra Director at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX.

After seven years of employment and writing around 500 arrangements, I went back to school to earn my Master’s in Composition at Texas Christian University.  TCU is a wonderfully supportive education environment, and I attribute my early successes as a composer largely to this generous community.  Today I am a full-time, freelancing professional musician – and am exceedingly thankful for the many individuals who have invested in me along the way.

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Why Consortiums Work

December 10th, 2018|Comments Off on Why Consortiums Work

This year in 2018, I organized a consortium for the first time, and the experience was such a positive, productive experience I want to let everyone know my thoughts about why consortiums work.

Saxophone Consortium For Two New Works!

October 2nd, 2018|Comments Off on Saxophone Consortium For Two New Works!

I am putting together a consortium for two new works for saxophone! I'll cap the consortium at ten ensembles, and will write a new Saxophone Quartet entitled "Chasing Light", as well as rework my composition "Transition" for oboe and piano for soprano saxophone and piano.

Listening to Artistic Music, Score Study and Composition Planning

May 16th, 2018|Comments Off on Listening to Artistic Music, Score Study and Composition Planning

I've always been told it's important to study scores as a musician and especially as a composer, but it's taken me years to learn how to maximize my time spent with my head buried in notated music. I have found that subtle artistic music may not seem accessible at first, but a methodical approach to understanding its elements enables us to listen actively and intelligibly.